Barrydale's Annual Open Garden Safari

October remains a great time to see our Floral Kingdom burst forth .... into Bloom!

The MagpieArtCollective co-ordinates Barrydale in Bloom and publishes an Annual Open Garden Safari Map for Visitors - obtainable at Magpie over the Weekend.

The Map highlights Participating Locations and open private gardens.  These will be indicated with a large Flower number at each gate.

  • Open Gardens are between 10:00 and 16:00 : - 16 and 17 October.
  • Some Gardeners are showing both days, whilst others are showing either Saturday or on the Sunday (indicated on maps)

Activities include:

  • a 2 Day Market & a Saturday evening Concert
  • a Fun Run \ Walk on the Saturday
  • and a 12km Mountain Bike Ride through the Village

Please visit our social media for ongoing interactions and updates.
See you at the Bloom!

We respectfully request appropriate Covid19 Safety Protocols at all Venues