The MagpicPeaceDove is a social art project of the MagpieArtCollective. 

#MagpiePeaceDove's  are composed of at least two recycled milk bottles in Barrydale, South Africa.

The #MagpiePeaceDove integrates two broad global social issues : Peace and Environmental Concern.

Should you come to have a #MagpiePeaceDove we ask you to install it in a special place -  Be it your home, a house of worship, a place of special significance, a site of rememberance or a place commemorating a past or current conflict or an issue close to your heart.

1) Photograph and upload the image onto your favourite internet social media platform - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.
2) Hashtag # your upload as #MagpiePeaceDove 
3) Geolocate your posting - we want to know where!?  

If you are having difficulty in posting, please forward us your image, and we will post it for you.

Thanks and Peace Out ! Environmentally yours,